Indoor practice

Sometimes we just can't make it to the golf course or driving range for practice even though we have a strong desire to work on our game. Perhaps is it dark outside or the weather is bad. When this happens I turn to indoor practice right in the comfort of my own home. This is a great benefit and actually should be an important part of your practice regimen because it enables you to concentrate on the action of your motions and the club instead of focusing primarily on the flight of the ball.

Ideally, you should try to swing a club in the empty confines of your garage away from all people, ceilings and glass top coffee tables. If this is not possible and you don't have a large indoor area in which to swing then consider having a club cut down to shorter length so that you can swing safely inside.

Here are some great indoor practice tips.

1. Strengthen and maintain golf muscles.Purchase a weighted club or add weight to an old club and swing for 5-10 minutes each day to strengthen and maintain stretched out golf muscles.

2. Generate clubhead speed.With regular clubs such as a five iron or driver work on generating clubhead speed by trying to create a loud swoosh sound in the hitting zone. Swing the club as hard as you can by taking practice swings back an forth trying to increase your swing speed each swing. Keep your muscles relaxed, your grip firm enough to hold the club, initiate the down swing by moving your hips and weight towards the target, and really trying to swing out of your shoes. Once you feel you can't possible swing any harder it is now time to back off on your speed about ten to fifteen percent in order to establish good rhythm, clubhead control and a balanced finish. Try to feel the weight of the clubhead and be in control of the clubface. This is your ideal swing. Repeat many swings with your ideal swing as part of a good practice regimen. After doing this drill several times and finding your ideal swing speed you will realize the importance of properly warming up before each round as there are a lot of muscles working to generate clubhead speed.

3. Perfect your setup.Work on the basics of a good setup in front of a large mirror. Have your pro take some pictures of yourself in the proper setup positions and tape them next to the mirror. Each practice day copy your posture, grip and alignment with those of the pictures next to the mirror.

4. Practice putting on the carpet
          a. Work on lagging the ball different distances: 5, 8, and 11 feet or as much as your room allows.
          b. To maintain a good clubhead path try to putt between two 3 foot 2x4's without hitting them.
          c. Practice squaring the putter up perpendicular to a target on wood floor slats.
          d. Have putting contests on the carpet with yourself and others.